urologist near me in nowshera – Dr Zakir 5 year plus experiance

In Nowshera, Dr. Zakir is recognized as a prominent urologist with over two decades of experience in the field. His expertise spans a wide range of urological conditions, including kidney stones, urinary tract infections, prostate disorders, and bladder cancer. Patients choose Dr. Zakir for his patient-centric approach, where he listens to their concerns and creates personalized treatment plans. His clinic is equipped with the latest diagnostic and surgical technologies, providing comprehensive services in one location. Dr. Zakir’s dedication to patient care and commitment to staying updated with medical advancements make him a trusted choice for urological expertise​​.

Regarding the services provided by urologists in Nowshera, they include a variety of diagnostic techniques like ultrasound, cystoscopy, blood tests, and imaging (CT scan, MRI) to accurately diagnose conditions affecting the genitourinary system. Urologists are also proficient in medicinal management, offering medication and guidance, including lifestyle modifications for optimal urological health. They are trained to perform surgical interventions, including minimally invasive and open surgeries. Services in men’s health and sexual medicine are also offered, covering treatments for male infertility, vasectomy, circumcision, and biopsies. Urologists in Nowshera are experienced in both reconstructive urology and behavior training for managing urinary and reproductive organs​​.

When choosing a urologist in Nowshera, it’s crucial to consider their qualifications, services provided, patient reviews, and experience. A medical degree is required to work as a licensed urologist in Pakistan, followed by a five-year residency and training program in a urology specialty hospital, culminating in a board exam in the area of specialization. This training allows them to work in the country’s top hospitals or private clinics​​.

For more information and to schedule an appointment, you can visit the Rahmat Hospital Nowshera, which provides detailed insights and contact information for Dr. Zakir and other urologists in Nowshera.

urologist near me in nowshera - Dr Zakir 5 year plus experiance

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